Term Dates

The College is open all year round except for most Bank Holidays, a period of about ten days over Christmas and New Year, about one week near Easter and about five weeks commencing in early July. There are no compulsory term dates, and students may suggest preferred start and end dates. For full-time students, however, the following dates are provisionally recommended at the time of writing, but may be subject to change.

Term Start Date End Date Half-Term
Mock Exam
Term 2016
September 5th, 12th
or 19th
December 16th October 24th –
November 28th –
December 9th
Term 2017
January 9th March 31st February 13th – 17th March 13th – 24th
Term 2017
April 18th July 7th None April 24th – May 5th
Term 2017
September 4th, 11th
or 18th
December 15th October 23rd –
November 27th –
December 8th
Term 2018
January 8th March 29th February 12th – 16th March 12th – 23rd
Term 2018
April 16th July 6th None April 23rd – May 4th

Half-Term Breaks

As individual terms at Bartholomews are usually shorter than at most traditional schools, and indeed they vary from one student to another, our policy with regards to half-term breaks differs according to circumstances. Whilst individuals may choose otherwise, in general we encourage half-term breaks in terms of twelve weeks or more, but we discourage them in terms of eleven weeks or less.

Additionally, students are discouraged from taking half-term breaks in terms in which they are scheduled subsequently to take public examinations. The College itself normally remains staffed over half-terms.

Bank Holidays

The College is normally closed on Bank Holidays except for the two in May, which are treated as normal working days, owing to the imminence of public examinations.

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