Bartholomews Tutorial College is an independent educational establishment specialising in one-to-one private tuition

About Bartholomews Tutorial College

Established in 1985, Bartholomews Tutorial College (now locally known as “Barts”) is a company, limited by guarantee, and operating on a non profit-making basis (company number 3628884). It is an independent educational college in the fullest sense. We make our own academic policies and arrange courses entirely, and only, to the individual needs of each student. We are able to do this because the great majority of tuition here takes place on an individual, one-to-one basis. The College is non-selective, so there are no set entry requirements and, whilst exam success remains our first priority, we aim simply to help each individual student to reach his or her own potential. In these respects, we believe that our results are hard to beat.

Bartholomews Tutorial College has places for no more than about 20 full-time students and 30 part-time students and is attended by both boys and girls, in approximately equal numbers, the great majority of whom are British. Most are aged between 16 and 19, but we also accept both mature and younger students. Students usually come to our College to prepare for, or re-take, GCSEs, AS and A levels, but we can arrange courses for almost any purpose. This includes ‘top-up’ courses for students attending schools or colleges full-time elsewhere.

Facilities at Bartholomews Tutorial College include tutorial and seminar rooms, science laboratories, a quiet study room with invigilator, and a students’ common room. Computer, internet, word-processing and photocopying facilities are available to all students, without charge.

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