Barts College offers a flexible syllabus for A levels and GCSEs

Courses Offered

Owing to the high proportion of individual tuition received by students at Bartholomews, the courses we offer are perhaps more flexible than at any other college in the whole of the United Kingdom. They can be tailor-made for almost any purpose, for any age group, for any duration and starting at any time.

Most students join Bartholomews for preparation towards examinations at GCSE, AS and A level (AS & A2s), all of which are available to first-time and re-take candidates. However, we can also offer courses towards STEP papers, set by the University of Cambridge. A number of students in full-time education elsewhere also enrol at Bartholomews for ‘top-up’ tuition to support their studies.

The flexible nature of the courses at Bartholomews also lends itself well to students who find themselves in unusual circumstances of one form or other. Examples of these include those whose family home is being relocated, those wanting to study an unusual combination of A levels or to change subjects once started, those wishing to study GCSEs and A levels concurrently, those struggling to meet the grades required for university offers, and those simply fed up with school and wanting to transfer.

Courses for Students Transferring from Other Schools

Students wishing to transfer from other schools may enrol at Bartholomews whenever suits them best, without the need to wait until the official commencement of any given term or year. At Bartholomews, these students can generally continue with exactly the same syllabuses as studied previously but, if they prefer, they may switch to other syllabuses or subjects which actually suit them better. Such students may be reassured that transferring to Bartholomews should not cause any complications whatsoever with their university applications.

Top-up Tuition

Students can enrol for top-up tuition (receiving a minimum of ten hours of individual tuition per subject) alongside their studies elsewhere. It is important that students enrolling for top-up tuition should supply us with instructions, at the time of registration, as to the exam boards and areas of the syllabuses that they wish to concentrate on.

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