Bartholomews is an official centre for all main examination boards and entries are handled by the Examinations Officer. Public examinations are conducted in the College.

In some subjects examination boards still differ in terms of examination style and format. At Bartholomews, considerable emphasis is placed on selecting boards and syllabuses best suited to each candidate, since care in this respect can greatly improve examination prospects.

Full allowances are requested from the examination boards in cases where students are disadvantaged, for example from dyslexia. We can recommend a local educational psychologist for assessment which may help gain special arrangements in examinations.

Whilst we reserve the right to refuse entry on certain grounds, such as failure to complete homework or monthly tests and for disruptive behaviour, conscientious students will never be refused entry on the grounds that they are unlikely to pass solely through lack of ability.

External Candidates

As a general rule, we do not accept private or external candidates for examinations, and entries will not normally be accepted unless students have attended the College for at least ten hours of individual tuition for one A level unit or one GCSE, or at least twenty hours for more.

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