Good Reasons For Using A Tutorial College

Here are a few reasons that a student might have for thinking of going to a tutorial college. Most of these actually could come under the heading of ‘being under unusual circumstances of one form or another’. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the student, or even with the student’s current school, just that for one reason or other, things are not progressing as you would like.

You want flexibility at school.
The school won’t allow you to study the combination of subjects you want.
You are unhappy in school.
You are just fed up with school and school rules.
You want to be treated as a young adult rather than as a child.
You have come under the influence of a bad group of friends.
You have bullying at your school.
You are taught in groups that you think may be holding you back.
You are taught in groups that you think may be too strong for you.
You want to be able to look at things more deeply than the syllabus requires.
You just want to scrape through exams but you are heading just a bit short of this.
Teachers think you aren’t up to it academically and you want to prove them wrong.
You have dyslexia or some other ‘specific learning difficulty’.
You are academically gifted.
You want to apply to Oxbridge but your teachers don’t encourage you.
You need to get top grades to become a doctor, vet, lawyer or dentist, etc.
You need to improve your academic self-confidence.
You have lost ground at school through illness like ME or glandular fever and need to ease yourself back into education.
You need a flexible timetable so you can help someone at home.
You want to retake exams and work at the same time.
You were lazy at school and did badly, but now want to try again.
You have a medical problem like a hearing disability.
You are lazy and need the discipline.
You don’t want to do compulsory sport.
You’d be more comfortable in a small, close environment where you can be yourself.
You have been expelled from school, or are in danger of being so.
You want to study somewhere where you can choose to be an individual, or a team player and where you do not have to conform.

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