College Regulations

It is intended that formal rules be kept to a minimum and there are, for example, no restrictions concerning dress or hairstyle, etc. Students at Bartholomews are treated as young adults and as such they may expect to have their views heard, and to be able to exert influence over the direction of their own studies.

It is expected that students attend all tutorials, classes, supervisions and monthly test sessions and that they complete all work set punctually. Full-time students should consider their studies at the College as their principal occupation. Beyond this it is only required that students behave in a reasonable manner, that they refrain from smoking on the premises, and that they do not become involved with the use of illegal drugs.

As mentioned elsewhere, students who fall behind with homework and monthly tests may be required to attend supervised study sessions in the relevant subjects.

Students experiencing ongoing difficulty with regard to attendance, homework, monthly tests, coursework etc. may be required to take a ‘reading week’ during which time tuition is forfeited (please refer to ‘Regulation of Progress’). Those unable or unprepared to follow the few rules that are imposed and those failing to complete reading weeks satisfactorily may be required to leave the College without refund of fees.

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